Three Categories of Wood in Making Malika Wallart Wall Decoration Products

Three Categories of Wood in Making Malika Wallart Wall Decoration Products

At present, wall decoration products often use wood-based materials in the manufacturing process. Wood is a popular ingredient due to a variety of ingredients. Well, this time, we will explain the three types of wood in making Malika Wallart products. Besides that, to add knowledge about the type of wood that can be made as a wall decoration. You can learn the types of wood that are useful for use in making wall decorations.

But before that, it will be more useful if you learn about two types of woods. There are softwood and hardwood types. Two types were classified according to the nature and variation of wood density. Some of the wood used in the production of wall hangings Malika Wallart is:

1. Teak Wood

Teak wood is one of the most popular wood in Indonesia. This wood is famous for their beautiful fibers and dense texture. In addition, teak wood is also resistant to weather conditions and temperature. Teak wood is ‘Group I’ wood, because of its strength and it has alluring color. Although teak wood is hard and strong type, but it is very easy to cut this wood. In everyday life, you will often find teak wood in some home furniture such as tables, chairs, house doors and so forth. This is why, teak wood remains a choice amid the changing furniture concepts. Teak wood will remain a favorite wood for wood lovers. However, of course this affects the selling and buying prices of teak wood. Teak wood of course has an expensive selling price because of the quality of the wood that is well known. Malika Wallart uses teak wood as an ingredient in some of our cool wall decorations.

2. Pine Wood

The second wood used in the Malika Wallart wall decoration product is ‘kayu jati belanda’ or often known as pine wood. Malika often uses pine wood in the process of wall decoration. This is because pine wood has quite good quality, is not easily porous and the product price is cheaper than the original teak wood. Fiber in pine wood is also very prominent and beautiful, especially if finishing on wood is so natural. For this reason, in making Malika frames, we use pine wood to highlight the beauty in the results that we want to get. Previously the Malika Team had discussed pine wood in the previous article. If you are interested in listening to articles about pine wood, you can read the previous article.

3. Mindi Wood

Beside, two woods below, mindi wood is wood processed in the production and finishing of Malika. Mindi wood is the favorite wood used by some wood craftsmen. This is because the wood texture is easily cut, not easily curved, besides wood fiber is known to be straight. For craftsmen, mindi wood is very helpful in the production process because it is easily sanded, cut or shaped. Another interesting fact from mindi wood is that Indonesia is the biggest mindi wood exporter. Even though mindi wood does not originate from Indonesia, its characteristics are very suitable in the tropical climate, making this wood well developed in Indonesia. This wood texture is also known to be very smooth and similar to oaks wood texture. Mindi wood is also a strong type of wood with a light weight of wood. Nevertheless, mindi wood is best used as a furniture product. So, compared to teak and pine wood, the price of mindi wood is cheaper and affordable for making wall decoration production. However, because Malika products focus on wall hangings for beautiful home decor. Therefore, mindi wood is chosen based on several reasons previously explained.

It is the wood used in making Malika Wallart products. For that, we use the best quality wood. If you are a fan of wall hangings made of wood. So, Malika Wallart can be your favorite wall decoration choice.

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