Lasercut Product

Lasercut Product


The combination of acrylic and teak wood frames creates a unique wall decoration that you have never met before. Lasercut’s wall hangings are very close to two meanings, which are minimalist and futuristic.

The minimalist design creates a simple but futuristic aura. There are two colors used. For example, white and green, white and black and so on. This combination and color combination are done to create a contrasting impression on a futuristic design. In the dominance of white, bright colors can appear more solid and feels alive. This wall decoration will not be timeless.


  • produk lasercut 1 malika wallart
  • produk lasercut 2 malika wallart
  • produk lasercut 3 malika wallart
  • produk lasercut 4 malika wallart

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