cuatro.2. Cougar situation records and you may residential prey

cuatro.2. Cougar situation records and you may residential prey

Relative danger of a recorded cougar dispute experiences considering the cousin odds of cougar used in the research city, additionally the journal cousin chance strength away from certain covariate. Negative values mean decreased chance, and you will self-confident thinking mean increased risk. Black sectors on the chart imply cougar assemble metropolises

Brand new cousin risk of good sighting event is even implicitly conditioned to your in which peoples activities occur; yet not, it component was unobserved and unmodeled, which, proper care can be drawn when interpreting the effects from covariates towards the relative risk of a cougar sighting. Growing level (? = 0.46) and topographic dampness (? = 0.24) got a confident influence on the new relative risk of an excellent cougar sighting, considering cougar choice (Profile ? (Figure4). 4 ). The same as conflict events, staying in an exurban (? = 1.18) or suburban/city (? = dos.60) along with increased brand new relative chance of a great sighting experience. Growing point in order to road (? = ?cuatro.61) and you can broadening range to housing (?six.38) diminished the relative danger of an effective sighting knowledge (Contour ? (Figure4 4 ).

Cougar predation into home-based pet generally took place section one to cougars have been seeking to have and you can in the higher housing occurrence parts with each other the new eastern side of the study city (Contour ? (Figure2)

Cousin chance of good cougar sighting enjoy, given the cousin probability of cougar explore, in research city, while the log relative exposure energy off certain covariate, in a fashion that bad viewpoints mean diminished risk and confident philosophy imply enhanced chance. Black colored groups with the chart suggest cougar gather metropolises

Though some cougar accumulate occurred in the greater property thickness parts across the eastern edge of the study urban area, the majority was in down homes occurrence parts from the western and you will main servings (Figure ? (Figure2)

Spatially, the brand new cousin risk of an excellent sighting knowledge is just like the cousin chance of a conflict skills, however reduced heterogeneous along side surroundings, which is more than likely as a result of the nonsignificant outcomes of cover, length so you’re able to cover, temperatures loading, and also the quick results out of height and you may topographic wetness (Shape ? (Figurecuatro). cuatro ). dos ). Particular predation into livestock and you may pets performed occur in all the way down homes thickness parts on the west and you may main servings of one’s research town. dos ). As a whole, cougar harvest failed to occur in areas where cougars had a tendency to be seen or in conflict which have people (Contour ? (Figure3 step three ).

Away from 52 males and you can 50 female that have been seized and you may monitored when you look at the study, eleven people and you can thirteen females were claimed by the social to have disagreement conclusion. Of your people, 5 were initial grabbed and collared due to dispute behavior (step 3 animals predation and you can dos because of area) (Profile ? (Figure5). 5 ). Of your lady, nine have been very first captured and you can collared due to conflict behavior (3 livestock predation, step 1 domestic pet predation, and you will 5 due to area). A total of twenty four argument occurrences were reported to possess men cougars: 14 to have livestock predation, 2 to possess predation into animals, and you may 8 for making use of an undesirable place. AM13 try the actual only real men one to presented frequent animals predation over a short time period, eliminating an excellent llama (Lama glama) and you can 2 quick ponies more than a beneficial 5?day several months then again going for years ahead of killing livestock once again. AM14 never killed animals up to he was 6 yrs . old and you can upcoming is euthanized to own destroying several llamas in one urban area more than thirty days. All in all, twenty-six disagreement occurrences was in fact claimed for female cougars: seven for animals predation, dos to have predation for the dogs, and you will 17 for making use of a poor venue.

Timeline to have tracked cougars working in a minumum of one people argument enjoy right in front List of Tx regarding 2007 so you’re able to 2016. Emails imply a capture feel (C), a mortality feel (H: query, N: pure, E: euthanized), or neckband elimination (R). Signs mean a dispute skills, having overlapped that have a capture otherwise mortality event. Viewpoints at the beginning of per line imply ages at first get

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