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Design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.

Malika Wallart is a wall decoration brand from CV Kreasi Muda Indonesia. We come from a famous city for its culture, Solo. Formed in 2017. Malika Wallart is still experiencing growth to achieve our goal as the number one wall decoration producer in Indonesia. All products from Malika Wallart are 100% made in Indonesia. Through raw materials, we produce and sell our products. Malika Wallart is freely creative and has never collaborated with any company in Indonesia or abroad. At present, Malika has four superior products that will continue to grow. Malika Wallart’s proud products are paper-printing, solid wood, lasercut and leather. Malika has several production, design and marketing teams who are ready to work optimally to create quality wall hangings or wall arts.


We sell our products in various ways, both through retail and resellers. At present, we are ready to send our products abroad and export optimally. We not only sell our products to a lot of people, but we also tried to send a ‘value’ for many people. So that this product can be better known by everyone. Like the name ‘Malika’ which in Arabic means Queen. We hope to be the Queen in a wall decoration product that is able to boast to the Indonesian Nation.


Distributor:CV Kreasi Muda Indonesia
Product Range:Wall Decoration, Wall Art and Wall Hangings
Market Establised:Worldwide
Type of Bussiness:Manufacturer and Exporter
Production Capacity:1000 pcs/month
Head Office:Jl. Slamet Raya RT.01 RW.34 Tawangsari, Mojosongo, Jebres, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57127, Indonesia



  1. Providing quality wall decoration products that can be enjoyed and accepted by all Indonesian people, by prioritizing customer satisfaction and making Malika Wallart the first choice in choosing wall decorations for room decor.


  1. Develop qualified, creative, visionary and dedicative employees. But it is still balanced by spiritual values, morals and still cultured.
  2. Creating an integrated buying and selling system to provide the best quality services supported by various network solutions and innovations in improving service for customers.
  3. Always innovating in creating wall decoration products that can continue to grow along with the development of the modern world.
  4. Helping to develop Indonesian culture with products related to Indonesian culture. And we hope to be able to participate in growing the Indonesian economy.



All product uses legal wood that is approved by the government and we use safe paint in the manufacture of products. By using water-based paint.


Packaging that we used are very eco-friendly, because it can be recycled. It is also very safe. So that the products inside are certainly not troubled.


Integrated sales and purchase system. This serves to minimize errors that might occur in the process of selling and buying.


Our company has a good management team understands the importance of respecting employees. So that the environment created is so healthy and profitable.


The location of Malika Wallart is in Surakarta City, one of the cities known for its high culture. We are on Jalan Slamet Raya 04/34, Tawangsari, Mojosongo, Surakarta, Central Java – Indonesia. If you want to visit our location, our location is very easy to reach, from Adi Sumarmo Airport, you only need to take 30 minutes. If you come to Surakarta by train, our location can be reached within 15 minutes from Solo Balapan Station and Tirtonadi Bus Station. We are in the Eastern region of Surakarta City. And also, we are close to Sebelas Maret University Surakarta. It’s easy when you visit our location.

Some of our work has been awarded or featured