5 Interesting Facts About Malika Wallart’s Leather Product!

5 Interesting Facts About Malika Wallart’s Leather Product!

Minimalist wall hangings or modern wall hangings are two popular wall hangings. On the other hand, Malika Wallart wants to raise the traditional modern theme on our wall decoration. This year, we are launching the latest wall decoration that is very loaded with such a great cultural theme. Our newest wall hangings are Leather Wall Decoration. In addition, Malika is the first producer of leather wall hangings with laser media in Indonesia.

Well, for you fans of traditional goods but still modern. You must pay attention to the facts of the leather wall decoration of Malika Wallart. Let’s take a look at 5 interesting facts about leather wall decorations from Malika Wallart that you must know in the following article.

1. 100% Made From Real Leather Product

Leather products from Malika Wallart are guaranteed to use genuine cow leather! Although currently fake synthesis skin is rife at a cheaper price. We guarantee that the leather wall decoration products from Malika are made from dried cowhide. The long process of washing and drying is done in detail and carefully to create a beautiful and durable skin.

2. Wooden Frames With Enchanting Textures

Made from pine wood, wooden frames on Malika leather wall decorations are different from wooden frames on other Malika products. If you notice, the wooden frame in Malika Wallart is more brown. Besides that, the texture is made more attractive than our other products. The pine wood frame is made with rustic finishing. If you don’t know about rustic finishing, that is a way to make the wood look rustic or look older. Guaranteed after you see the original look of this leather wall decoration, there’s no way you won’t fall in love at that moment.

3. Various types of choices that you are ready to have

Besides, the shape is so charming. One other interesting thing is the variety of leather products that are so diverse. Illustration drawn using laser media which is then finished in brown or black color has a variety of beautiful images. Some variations that we have are illustrations of batik (sidomukti, mega mendung), tribes in Indonesia (dayak, papua and asmat), cultures in Indonesian culture (clowns and barong bali). Even though our products are from Solo. However, we do not want to only introduce batik, but all cultures in Indonesia. Wherever you come from, it never hurts to love the culture that exists in Indonesia. One of them is by buying a product of the leather wall decoration that we created.

4. Combining Traditional and Modern Sides

Although adopting the traditional side with cultural illustrations, the leather wall decoration from Malika Wallart also adopted a modern element in the form of infographic writing made in English. Malika Wallart hopes that our products will not only be in demand by Indonesian people in the country, but also abroad. For this reason, we make the ‘delivery’ in English, which in fact is an international language. Without reducing the essence of the leather wall decoration, of course.

5. Reasonable Price You Can Get

The last fact about leather wall decoration is a reasonable price. This means that you can have quality leather wall decorations at prices that match these qualities. In addition, by buying this wall decoration, it means you also participate in maintaining the culture that exists in Indonesia. And participate in preserving original products from Indonesia.

Those are 5 interesting facts from Leather Wall Decoration by Malika Wallart. But it won’t be complete if you don’t have our special product directly. In addition, this product can be used as a gift for you. Let’s have our latest wall hangings and let’s share the culture of Indonesia by buying Malika Wallart’s wall hangings! Thus, we also accept different custom product images with applicable terms and conditions.

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